RPC Prime  

Business to Business 

on targeted domestic & foreign demographic markets 

Innovation and Integration


Noubikko P. Ulanday, CEO
An industry -acknowledged corporate leader, Noubikko serves as the Executive Chairman of the Board, the nucleus that provides dynamism for the entire business structure. A U.S trained MBA and MSc, he has extensive experience serving in numerous corporate boards and has been principal for the corporate team for the past 28 years.


Mick Benjamin Bautista, COO

Bautista is a solution specialist and fully conversant in logistics and sustainability of Renewable Energy Standards. He shapes up the policies and resolution infrastructure of best of breed practices in business entrepreneurship and management level. Bautista is the Chief Operations Officer of Projects in the Asian region. He is credited for his inventive work in the industry for over 9 years.


Annabelle A. Caberte, CMO

Caberte is RPConnect's resource backbone. She has over 12 years of experience in tri-media marketing and co-directs and leads the sales force. She is in charge of initiating assemblies, convention, and participation. Caberte is the Chief Marketing Officer for Projects in the Philippines, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Trained by her years of experience, she attends to the company's high-level marketing and media concerns.


SriramaRaju Chakravaram - CSO 

Raju is the Chief Strategic Officer.  He is a U.S. trained MBA and pursuing a doctorate in Business Administration, having an institutional degree in Strategic Management from Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur, India and Public Policy Economics from Oxford University, the UK his key strength is multi-task management in meeting the demands of corporate goals and timelines. Raju is unmatched in forming strategic alliances within the business circle in India, USA, and the Philippines.


Sofronio S. Casas - Director

Casas is a caliber civil engineer with more than 35 years of exposure in various large scale technology and design parameters.  His proprietary methodologies including labor disciplines are among the best of breed practices in the industry. He is the chief supervisor of the whole construction activities of civil works, mechanical and electrical line of trade and modules of RPConnect standard specifics.  Engr. Casas is the backbone of the RPConnect's SofronTechnology.   


Zachell dC. Villanueva - Director 

Villanueva heads RPConnect's representation with the ECC (European Chamber of Commerce) in the Philippines.  His academe background with the top universities in the Philippines,  the University of Santo Tomas; DLSU and the University of the Philippines landed him with primary responsibilities in the corporate world including as part of Research Team for PLDT; and Safety and Security Officership for Petron Philippines.   Villanueva is Director of RPConnect's Renewable Energy projects in Western Visayas and Mindanao region .